Recent Exhibitons

Mirror Mirror (Lausanne, 2017)

Group exhibition at the Museum of Design and Contemporary Art in Lousanne, Switzerland.

"The exhibition Mirror Mirror takes the form of a series of chapters and aims to bridge the microscopic gap separating our image from our being. Our reflection is utterly specific, making it undoubtedly the most complex of all images. In it, recognition and illusion are confused, giving rise to an inner disorder linked to our constant desire to read our identity here."

Humans Need Not Apply (Dublin, 2017)

Group exhibition at the Dublin Science Gallery in Ireland.

"In an automated world, will it be time to put humans out to pasture? Are we hurtling together towards a leisure-time utopia or robot-tended human zoos? HUMANS NEED NOT APPLY interrogates the supposedly seismic changes that artificial intelligence is bestowing on society. The works presented in this exhibition explore the idea of computers creating culture, from algorithm-driven artworks to responsive robots and animatronic objects."

Ob_ject and Ob_serve (Liverpool, 2016)

This was an exhibition we put together for A Small View in Liverpool at the end of 2016, along with other resident researchers at FACT (Alex and Sam).

"Given the complex relationships that humans have with both “natural” systems (as evidenced by global warming), and engineered systems (internet as surveillance), we proposed works that imagined a world without humans, or, at least, a world where the divisions between humans/nonhumans, nature/culture, matter/thought, don’t make as much sense as they used to."