2006 Manual
More recent specs and instruction set

Arduino + Dynamixel
Another library

RaspberryPi + Dynamixel
Jesse Merritt’s Python library
memememe Python library

Stewart Platform
Stewart platform with fixed rotary actuators
The Mathematics of the Stewart Platform
Stewart Platform on Instructables and github
memememe Stewart Platform simulator

Android + OpenCV
Android environment setup
OpenCV setup
OpenCV use

Training Haar Classifiers
Face Detection and Haar Classifiers using Python
OpenCV Guide
Naotoshi Seo’s Tutorial
Thorsten Ball’s Tutorial
Jeff Thompson’s Notes
OpenCV’s FaceRecognizer class

Conversation and Cybernetics
What is Interaction?
What is Conversation?
Conversation Theory

Sound and Frequency Analysis
Android Audio Capture
Android Audio Generation
Fourier Transform

Parapoetics, Thinging and New-Materialism
How To Draw a Straight Line
The Ontological Force of Technicity
Cat’s Craddle

Android Studio
Android Studio IDE
Android Studio + NDK
Android Studio + OpenCV
Android + OpenCV Mat Release bug
Avoid inline Mat.t() calls