without conversation, there is no self-and-other
- Paul Pangaro

If conversation and identity arise together, as proposed by Gordon Pask’s Conversation Theory, what are the consequences (or limitations) of communicating without an other? Can we just as easily construct our identity and our environment while talking to ourselves? What is the sound of a one-sided conversation?

memememe#selfie is a sculpture that explores some of these questions, in the context of our contemporary preoccupation with trending, liking, following, etc. It might be the first instance of artificial unintelligence:

It is also the first step in our development of a physical communication protocol. Before being able to converse and commune with each other, it is important for the cellphones to recognize themselves and confront the duality of self/other.

Residues of this one-sided conversation can be seen on its tumblr feed.

And the code is here, and here.