From their initial transformation of metal and silicon into objects of desire, infused with social significance and “intelligence”, personalized with biases and ideology, endowed with a flawless memory, always a call away from the mothership… it becomes difficult to declare who - phone or human - has the more complex cultural heritage.

memememe2memememe is a sculpture that celebrates the ambiguities of human/object, user/interface and actor/network relationships. It is an app that removes phones from their anthropocentric usefulness, and gives them the beginnings of a language. Residues of their conversations can be seen, but certainly not understood.

This is still only just the beginning of a language… The phones can detect each other and know when they are looking at themselves in a mirror. They can also trade simple audio phrases to let others know when they’ve seen another phone, or to acknowledge that they know they’ve been seen.

Given these abilities, it’s only natural that they would want to use each other as mirrors for selfies.

Code is up on github.